Getting treatment for Dry Eyes or worse

Sufferers of dry eyes, pink eye, cataracts, itchy eyes or red eyes know that treatment can be difficult or expensive. Laser eye surgery costs a fortune but there are cheaper ways as well. Using eye drops can significantly help and treat several of these conditions. The problem is getting the right kind. Some include steroids in their ingredients which can be very dangerous. Several people are allergic to steroids and they can potentially kill you but because most people never get in contact with them in the first place they are unaware of their predicament.

What are Koozies?

Though they sound like an alien from outer space or something, they are actually quite “cozy.”
They are covers made from foam or another material that insulate a canned drink when they
are slipped on the bottom of the can. They have become quite an item. They get carried all over
the place, to picnics, lunches, ballgames, and other gatherings where canned drinks are used.

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